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The tale of the stolen guitar and how it came back

After I played with Zappatika at the wedding of our former violin player Annemarike Schoonderwaldt in Sweden, sadly my guitar got stolen from the venue. Someone had broken into the venue and taken only my stuff!

Someone told me to register the guitar at and mark it as stolen. The idea was that if anyone would try to sell the guitar somewhere they could look it up at that site and find out that it was stolen. I didn’t really believe it would work but since it was free to register a few guitars, I went ahead and did it. I had already given up on the guitar and forgot all about it.

I can’t tell you how surprised and happy I was when i got an email stating my guitar had surfaced in Stockholm at a pawn shop! The owner had looked it up at and found out that it was stolen and had called the police!

It took the better part of a year before the guitar was released by the Swedish poilice and was brought to me by my Swedish friend Sven Eriksson at the Mooh Ah Zappa festival in England, where I was playing with Zappatika and Ike Willis.

It was so nice to have her back!


The Guitarvaults is a brilliant initiative that can actually work, so don’t hesitate and register all your guitars there. You won’t regret it.

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